Here's How It's Gonna Go Down...

DSCF9537.JPG The contest is closed to entries. All that's left is to pick some finalists and have them battle it out in a bloody quick draw death match. Should be fun! Right up there, that's the semi-finalists. There were a lot of entries in the contest and not every one was correct. Here's how it's going to go down: Mini-Bash is going to select 13 finalists from that Spider-Man bowl.

Those 13 finalists will then be sent emails, asking for their Kotaku commenter names. Don't have a comment account as of yesterday? Though luck, you'll be disqualified. We were serious about not giving this computer away to some random person. Those 13 finalists will have exactly 15 hours to respond to our email. Failing to do so will result in disqualification.

DSCF9529.JPG Regarding the Quick Draw Deathmatch, we will send an email at 9am this Saturday Japan Time. We repeat JAPAN TIME. Don't know what time that is where you live and don't care! The first finalist who can answer the email correctly wins the computer. The others, they lose. But for now, don't think about that. Think about the fact that your fate is in the hands of a 4 year-old who wears luchador pajamas. Good luck!

Oh, and check back later today for the correct answers.


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