Heroes Cop Just Not Condemned Enough

Heroes Cop Just Not Condemned Enough

0000001296_20060919144755.jpgYou may know Greg Grunberg as the mind-reading cop from, NBC’s Heroes, but you may also know Greg Grunberg as the protagonist from Condemned: Criminal Origins. So now that he’s on a geek-hit TV show, you’d think he’d be a hot commodity for Condemned 2: Bloodshot. But you’d think wrong. From Monolith’s Dave Hasle:

We struggled with this one somewhat. Greg was a pleasure to work with, and he was willing to make the time to work with us on Condemned 2, but we felt we wanted a darker, edgier tone…We loved Greg’s work on Condemned; Criminal Origins and found him to be a great voice talent as well as a fantastic person to work with. It was purely a directional choice.

Purely directional, aye? Or was it that you didn’t like Mr. Grunberg reading your mind?

GAMES: Condemned 2: Bloodshot [via gamelife]


  • I also thought that he wasn’t doing the voice as he had now found fame as Park-Man, Reader of Minds, but if he was game to do it, then I really would have loved him to, he fit the character really well. That might be the problem though, he fit the character of a slightly pudgy FBI agent as in the first game, and not the pipe-wielding, hobo-hating murder-fiend of the second game.

    Still, he is a rad dude.

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