Heroes Star So Excited About Dragon Ball Movie

heroesdragonball.jpg So against the wishes of humanity, the Dragon Ball Z movie pushes forward. While we're less than thrilled, Heroes' actor James Kyson Lee is totally jazzed. While at the Pacific Media Expo in Los Angeles, Lee said that he's auditioning for the role of Yamcha in Fox's live-action Dragon Ball Z movie. He gives the DBZ script one big Goku-style kamehameha and says the movie should get a 2010 release. That means the Dragon Ball is safe! For now. Heroes' Lee on DBZ Movie [AnimeNewsNetwork][Image]


    Honestly, I can't see how this movie could be anything but a trainwreck. I still have hope for something like the Evangelion live action movie, but DBZ? I just can't see it working.

    Kono eiga wa totemo iketeru desu yo!

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