Hey Someone, Localise Game Center CX

arinogameholding2.jpg Back when I visited Bandai Namco headquarters to watch the filming of Japanese reality show Game Center CX, I got to check out the then unreleased Game Center CX game. From what I played, I really, really enjoyed. The title does a nice job of mixing mini-games and old style video games in a fun, novel way. Over at Wired.com, Chris Kohler has done an extensive hands-on with the title, writing:

It doesn't matter whether you've seen the Japanese reality show on which Game Center CX: Arino's Challenge is based. This new Nintendo DS game will deliver a dose of humorous and all-too-true retro game nostalgia to anyone who remembers the 80's.

Hey, remember the 80's? Remember poring over game magazines for cheat codes to help you get past the impossible sections of the short, difficult NES games of the era? Remember sitting around with your friends on lazy summer days trying to be the first one to get past that tricky part? So do the people who designed Game Center CX, an homage to 1985's game culture.

The game isn't exactly import friendly (thanks to the Japanese text). But really, someone Kohler is right: Someone should totally localise this game. And while they're at it, subtitle the Game Center CX DVDs so non-Japanese speakers can enjoy it! Game Center CX Impressions [Game|Life]


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