Hidden Playable Character In Mario Galaxy Revealed

mario_galaxy_spoiler.jpgIn a rare leak for a Nintendo game, it appears scans of the Super Mario Galaxy strategy guide reveal a second, as yet unknown playable character. No, it's not the penguin shown above, but someone familiar. The secret character won't be available from the outset of the game and will, in fact, require a fairly high amount of item collecting to unlock.

While the alternate playable character probably won't come as a whopping surprise to longtime Nintendo fans, in the interest of helping some of our more sensitive readers spoiler-free, details on the secret are after the jump.mario_galaxy_guide.jpg

Yes, Luigi will be playable once again in a proper Super Mario adventure, but only after you've secured 120 coins, completed the purple coin missions and defeated Bowser a second time. According to the alleged guide scan "Luigi jumps higher and further, and also runs faster, but has trouble stopping. They each have the same moves, such as the long-jump or backflip, but the difference in their basic jump, running speed, and stopping ability makes completing the game harder."

A nice little bonus that ensures I'll be getting every damn coin in the game.


    Ah mann i thought it was sonic :(

    aka not really

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