Hitman A Miss With Movie Critics

hitman_reviews.jpgThe Xavier Gens-directed film adaptation of the Hitman series opens nationwide today in the U.S. and it's already being assassinated by film critics. The movie sees series star Agent 47—played by Timothy Olyphant—as an orphan raised by a secret organisation to shoot at things. Things are shot at and there is conflict. And boobs, apparently. Variety calls it a "Eurotrashy... knockoff that misses its target by a mile" but the New York Times writes "there's no story to speak of, no decent acting, no wit, no point" Hmmm. Who to trust?!

Maybe the Detroit News, who is quite down on the flick and writes that it's "peppered with gratuitous nudity" like that's a bad thing. Or maybe the Boston Globe and you agree that Hitman watches like a "computer wrote and directed it." Golly! That'd be keen, if true!

Maybe you'll agree with Roger Ebert, who actually quite liked it, but devotes a paragraph to regurgitating his crusty opinion that Hitman somehow "serves as an excellent illustration of my conviction that video games will never become an art form." Oh, Rog! We've already ruled your opinion on the matter as archaic and out of touch, no need to trot that old horse out again.

For those who put such weight in things, Hitman is currently sporting a 7% positive rating at Rotten Tomatoes. However, it may have been boosted by the errant inclusion of a review of Disney's Enchanted, which the Dallas Morning News says is a great "screwball comedy". Guess I'll be seeing that!

Hitman Reviews [Rotten Tomatoes]


    Way to take a giant crap on one of my favourite video game franchises, Hollywood.


    From what I've read the director was locked out of the editing room by the suits, so they could make it a PG-13 film like Die Hard 4.0.

    While that might not have been a factor in the movie being good or not it's still not what the director wanted to show on the big screen.

    But Hitman isn't a PG-13 movie. I thought it was a violent nekkid type of movie >_>

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