Hitman Movie Makes $US 21 Mil

timhitman.jpgHitman didn't go down very well with critics. And we can't blame them - Timothy Olyphant is great as a cold, brooding sheriff, but as a cold, brooding assassin? He's lousy. Mostly because without a moustache and hat (and hair) he looks like a big sulky baby. Seems to have gone down... OK with you lot, however, with the movie coming in at #4 in last week's box office takings, earning $US 21 million from 2458 screens. For those more interested in princesses and/or 3D Danish blood-spillers, the movie was beaten by Enchanted, The Christmas and Beowulf.



    From the moment I saw it posted on IMDB - Hitman the Movie - I was certain that Jason Statham was going to make the perfect Agent 47. How disappointed was I when I saw Mr Olyphant as the actor. =/

    I mean seriously..have the people responsible for casting not seen Statham? Perfect for this role in my oppinion.

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