House of the Dead Series Shuffling To Wii

hotd2_wii.jpgGhost Squad may not be the only arcade light gun shooter Sega plans to refit for the Wii Zapper, as Go Nintendo has uncovered a listing for House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return at rental service Gamefly. We can fairly safely assume that this will bring both The House of the Dead 2, based on the Sega Naomi hardware, and The House of the Dead III, originally for the Sega Chihiro hardware. The two titles have made console appearances on the Dreamcast and Xbox, respectively, but have never been bundled before.

At this point, Sega has made no official announcements about such a collection, but Gamefly's track record of spoiling announcements has been fairly solid so far. As a superfan of The House of the Dead 2, I am cautiously optimistic, hoping that I'll get the Wii opportunity to give the shotgun-heavy The House of the Dead III a second chance.

House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return [Gamefly via Go Nintendo]


    omg ghost squad! yesssssssssss

    I looked at the headline thinking typing of the dead may somehow be involved. It isn't. Why not sega?

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