How Capcom Decided Okami Wii Was A Good Idea

okamilogo.jpgThe upcoming Wii version of Okami is proof that asking nicely, repeatedly, for something can actually work. But there were more factors than just manners in the decision to port the PS2 classic on over. Stuff like controls, money, the media's undying love for the game...look, we'll just let Capcom's Christian Svensson expain:

What if we took a second shot with Okami's content on another console? A platform people were repeatedly asking for it on? A platform that could help with some of the core mechanics of the game? And now that it was already semi-known and loved for sure by the media, it's no longer technically a new IP. It really deserved a second chance. Thankfully, others in our organisation felt the same way.

That's just part of a great read over on the Capcom USA blogs, where Svensson goes into detail on why they decided to bring Okami to the Wii, what they needed to do to make it happen and how they decided to go with developers Ready at Dawn (hint: BEER). He also says the game's already up and running on Wii hardware.

It's even got a tidbit on the changes they're making to the game. Namely, what looks like the must-have 16:9 support:

As we've stated before, Okami is such a huge game (40+ hours to complete isn't at all uncommon), we aren't currently planning any additional content but we're exploring a few possible things on the technical side of things that might make for an improved Wii experience (no promises yet though).

Oh Christian, you're such a tease. Bringing Back the Wolf (or How Okami Wii Came to Be) [Capcom USA]


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