How Retro Primed Metroid

retro_prime.jpgAt the Montreal Games Summit, Retro Studios prez Michael Kelbaugh and game director Mark Pacini waxed nostalgically on the development of the Metroid Prime series. While opinion on the decision to change the series' direction from 2D action adventure to 3D, first-person shooter may be divided, what I think we can agree on is that behind the scenes look at how it all came to be is certifiably neat-o. Hearing tales of Shigeru Miyamoto shooting down game design concepts, the months long struggle to make the game's morph ball work and the last-minute decision to include the scan visor are the kinds of things one rarely hears about from Nintendo published games.

From the original Metroid Prime to Echoes to Corruption, some great internal-only moments are revealed. That first hands-on with the Nintendo "Revolution"? I'd have been giddy, too.

Gamasutra has a fantastic write up of the session, which fans of Metroid shouldn't miss.

MIGS 2007: Retro Studios On The Journey Of Metroid Prime [Gamasutra]


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