How SIXAXIS Is Used in Unreal Tournament III

chocolatereinhotps3.jpg Sure, we got hands-on with the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III at TGS. It played great and smooth — save for the times it didn't cause Sony consoles to crash. So how is the PS3 version different from the PC one? Explains Mark Rein:

Well, the PLAYSTATION 3 has a lot of unique features and we try to take control of them - like with SIXAXIS. SIXAXIS can be used to steer the hoverboard or The Redeemer, but that's it. We wanted to be very careful not to hammer this functionality in just because we could. As for PlayStation Network, we just don't have a plan to use that right now to my knowledge but I suppose it's possible.

Smart. A mouse and keyboard probably handle steering much better anyway, no?

Mark Rein Interview [ via PS3 Fanboy]

Thanks Chris!


    Imagine a UT3 entirely controlled by sixaxis...

    Aiming by tilting, jumping by moving the controller up, aiming the tank cannon by twisting...

    I would turn it off in a second so bravo Epic on taking the right direction with the sixaxis: Don't use it just because you have it.

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