Ian Bogost Signing On

ibogost_mii_color_sm.jpgWhile Crecente's off in Australia buying Kevin Bloody Wilson albums, he invited a few people to fill in as guest editors. I'm happy to be here all week disrupting Kotaku with my perverse interests (hint: not cake).

About me: I'm a professor of digital media at The Georgia Institute of Technology, and I'm the co-founder of Persuasive Games, a small independent game studio that makes games about social and political issues. I've written two books about games and culture, and I'm just finishing another one up literally this week. I also write about games in a few other places. As a designer, I make mostly strange games about airport security and copy stores and nutrition and oil and stuff.

In addition to the usual fare, I've got a few things planned for each day I'm here, hoping to break up the eternal nowness of games coverage with some looks back into unusual games and game-related curiosities of yore. You know, like, there were games before the PS2 and stuff.

Ian Bogost - official site [bogost.com]


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