IBM Announces Business "Game" Innov8

2-1.jpgOf all companies who develop software, we didn't wake up this morning expecting to hear about a new "serious game" from IBM. Called Innov8 (see what they did with the clever phonetics?), universities around the world have access to download the title to better educate students. So what exactly is the game? We can't quite tell. It looks like The Sims meets some theoretical Office Tycoon. But the goal is to "develop a combination of business and information technology (IT) skills." While it's sure to be at least a small plug for IBM technological solutions and we generally prefer watching our Sims peeing themselves over developing networking solutions, it might beat reading textbooks. Was anyone out there part of 30 university beta?

IBM announces new video games to teach business skills [gamingnexus]


    Did anyone else find it amusing that in that pic it looks like she's just "playing" a Quicktime movie?

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