I'm Free Of My Achievement Complex

unlocked.jpgBackground story: I have two 360s. One I paid for, one is a loaner from MS. Thanks to the awful phone connection setup at my house, only one console is connected to the internets. That console is in my office, and only really gets use as an XBLA/multiplayer rig. The Elite in my living room, that's hooked up to my TV, and that's where I do most of my 360 gaming. So. What's happened is my Elite has racked up a ton of achievements and points. My other 360, the one that's online, hasn't. With 5 minutes spare today waiting for my PC to reboot, I figured I'd switch the HDDs over, update my gamercard with all the stuff I'd earned, won, etc over the past few months. That was a mistake.

See, in my naivety, I presumed that once online, my Gamercard would update itself with all the new info. Instead, all it did was erase the achievements and 6000 or so gamerpoints on my Elite HDD, dragging it back to the bare-bones level of the office 360. For a second, I thought I should be upset. Angry, even. After all, hadn't I worked really hard to get those points? Busted my arse grinding my way through some pointless stand-offs in Crackdown? Course I had. And now my payoff was gone!

But I didn't get angry. Or upset. Instead, common sense kicked in, and I feel liberated. Jesus, since when was it fun to force yourself to play through parts of a game just to earn yourself an arbitrary point score? Last I remember it was around 1987. We moved on from there for a reason. Because it's stupid. I didn't buy a 360 to get in a pissing contest with my friends about who wasted the most time on Gears, I bought it to play games.

I wasn't addicted to racking up points: it was, as the title suggests, more a complex than an addiction. But looking back on it now, on all the time I wasted looking for green orbs, looking for skulls, unlocking cars in PGR I was never even going to drive...I feel like an ass. That was work, not fun, and with those "achievements" now gone I feel like a free man.


    Hey good for you buddy!

    Fantastic piece Mr. Plunkett.
    I really love reading first person narratives on news typically news blogs. It helps the reader familiarize and connect to the writers and also helps to mix things up a bit. I would hope to see more of these in the future.
    Luke Gardiner.
    Melbourne, Australia.

    Maybe you should take up an MMO.


    No wait... Not funny.

    It does suck that MS don't let you update achievements earned offline, once you get online. But I guess it's to prevent cheating. *sigh*

    Good on your for seeing the light though, and realising that you don't need the points.

    Though I've no doubts that your going to get sucked back into it in a moment of achievement wielding weakness ;)

    My friend had a similar problem and lost a few thousand achievement points. Unfortunately for him, that didn't stop his addiction. Good to see you got out of it, thankfully I haven't gone out of my way to earn any unnecessary achievements.

    Good on you!
    Achievements are overated anyway...

    But all U had to do is get the offline machine connected. Ever thought of wireless?!

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