Imabikisou Is The Second Remote Play Ready PS3 Game

imabikisou_remote_play.jpgThe latest game game to take full advantage of the PSP's Remote Play feature, one that allows PlayStation 3 games to be playable on the handheld, is Imabikisou. That's the Chunsoft developed, Sega published interactive horror fiction game that 99.99% of you will never ever play. It follows the game that 99.98% of you will never play, Lair, as the second game to make the Remote Play screen jump—that we know of.

According to Impress Game Watch, the game plays just fine, minus some squished kanji that makes reading a bit more challenging.

PlayStation 3 Remote Play [Impress Game Watch via Siliconera]


    This is an awesome feature that would require massive amounts of time to work on. I don't really understand why both these games (this and lair) chose to provide it but thumbs up for the effort!

    I'd really hope it starts to become some form of standard e.g. buy GTAIV and get the classic gta's to play remotely, etc, because then I'd actually get a psp. I just don't really travel for long periods of time...

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