"In Three Months, You Will Be Happy"

BCchangesarm.jpg Not everyone was thrilled with some of the choices shown in the re-imagined Bionic Commando. The most vocal complaint? People hatin' on the cornrows. Next up, the arm is way too big. The hot dogs inside the arm were a distant third — a distant third, but close to our cold, bitter hearts. According to BC producer Ben Judd, the cornrows move and sway when Nathan does the swingy-swingy — an effect that wouldn't appear with a military-style haircut. Early on, it was even suggested that the character have a bandana, but Judd shot that down as Snake from Metal Gear Solid already has one. Another possible design was a mohawk, but that was also nixed as Judd felt too many games have too many bald protagonists. He wanted something different and original. So, does that mean the producer isn't open to changes? The game is a while away. Those design elements could be changed. Judd tells Kotaku:

In three months, I'm almost ninety percent certain that fans will be very, very happy. Just wait and give me three months.

Does that mean the cornrows will be out? "No comment." What about a slimmer arm? "No comment." And the hot dogs? Ditto. Keep in mind that this a game he's fought hard to get made, so he certainly has his own vision for it. Changing everything would no doubt create a very safe, middle-of-the-road game. Bright spot: Judd is listening. We're pulling for no more hot dogs. You?


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