Indie Picks #4, #5 - Blackwell Unbound, Chocolate Castle

bwell.jpg My final set of indie game picks as Guest Editor follow my previous ones - Professor Fizzwizzle & The Molten Mystery, Venture Arctic and Deadly Rooms Of Death.

However, this time two under-publicised independent games for the benefit of the Kotaku audience are squished together in one post (so they appear before my time as Guest Editor is up). They're dissimilarly wonderful, so check them out:

Firstly, Wadjet Eye Games recently released Blackwell Unbound, a classic point and click-style adventure game in the LucasArts/Sierra style (pictured) in which "...embittered medium Lauren Blackwell and her spirit guide Joey Mallone" solve mysterious New York crimes. It's the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Blackwell Legacy, and it's the kind of game that deserves a second look. So do so.

Secondly, a chap from New Zealand called Joseph White has been doing quirky, individualistic puzzle-ish games for a few years now, and his most recent effort is called Chocolate Castle. As is explained, it's "...a tricky sliding block puzzle game. The object of each puzzle is to arrange blocks of chocolate into large connected regions so that they can then be consumed by a team of hungry animals." The art style is adorable and the gameplay twistedly interesting - thumbs up.

And that ends my look at indie games. Don't forget - if you like stuff like this, go check out the usual suspects when it comes to major indie game blogs - particularly TIGSource, Indygamer, and GameTunnel - you won't be disappointed.

Blackwell Unbound [Wadjet Eye Games] Chocolate Castle [Lexaloffle]


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