Infinity Ward Planning COD4 360 Update

cod4screen.jpg Over on the Infinity Ward forums the news is out that an update for the 360 version of Call of Duty 4 is currently in the works. The update will address the oft complained about host selection and matchmaking issues as well as some new features. Community Relations Manager fourzerotwo states that there is no date set for when this update will be implemented, but it is on the way. One commenter asked if this will fix the "Game Lobby Closed" and "Player Kicked" issues some people have been having since launch to which fourzerotwo replied that it would be coming in a separate update.

Make the jump for the full list of added features.

[via: Xbox 360 Fanboy] Additions / New Features: Added Kill cam to Airstrike bombs and Claymores

Addition of Host Migration so if Host Leaves auto-chooses next best host

Tweaked the following Oldschool Mode settings based on feedback: - Added Unlimited Sprint - Increased Magazine Size - Added Ragdoll Cam

Addition of New "N0M4D" Control Scheme

Optimizations / Tweaks:

Identify party by background colour (in Lobby)

Optimized server selection for first match for better connections

Improved network performance for 18 player games

Optimized 'Chase Cam' when Spectating

Fixed Playlist error when attempting to join from other games

Handle Corrupt Create A Class data instead of kicking player


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