In-Game Adverturtles

turtle.jpgIf you don't already, you should start reading Paul Hyman's weekly game column in The Hollywood Reporter. One reason is that Hyman writes consistently interesting articles, largely on the business aspects of games. Another is that everyone in Hollywood reads The Hollywood Reporter, but not necessarily the game trades. It's interesting to imagine how they are seeing the medium through Hyman's take on it.

That said, I think he's reaching in this week's column.Check out this discussion of NBC Universal's investment in in-game ad service provider IGA Worldwide.

What is far more stunning is that this summer the venerable NBC Universal invested in Massive's competitor, IGA Worldwide, and it has just agreed to start selling ads into IGA's inventory of video games. That makes NBC Uni the first non-gaming media giant to join the fledgling in-game ad business. But it certainly won't be the last, say industry observers.

Just to connect the dots for you here, the claim is that NBC's sale of ads in games becomes an, uhm, advertisement for in-game ads, targeted at other would-be ad-sellers. Turtles all the way down.

NBC Uni's move into vid game ads augurs trend [The Hollywood Reporter]


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