Inside the Assassin's Creed Hollywood Party

kotaku_kristen_430_white.jpgPlease indulge us as we go all Perez Hilton for a brief moment! On Tuesday night Ubisoft, Maxim and PS3 hosted a party at the LA Nightclub Opera for the launch of Assassin's Creed. The game's star Kristen Bell was there, as were other Heroes cast members Greg Grunberg (the voice of Timeshift and Condemned), and Masi Oka. My favourite moment of the party: Seeing Masi passionately talk to an Ubisoft executive for 20 minutes about his vision for the Heroes videogame. Hey, the guy's smart: He used to work at Industrial Light + Magic before he started bending space and time.These parties are interesting because they in no way reflect the average gamer demographic. (In fact they are pretty much a photo negative of who will actually buy the game). But it's fun to watch Hollywood starlets check out the game and build mainstream buzz. How much fun? Well check out this exclusive photo gallery of WireImage photos thanks to Ubisoft. My favourite image: "Television personality Audrina Patridge" (No, I don't know who she is either) holding the PS3 controller like it's the first time she's ever touched a game controller. And Reggie says only the Wii is expanding the gaming demographic!? Please!


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