Insomniac's PS3 Visuals Are Just Getting Started

ratchetclank_ftd_metropolis_closeup.jpgEvery once in a while, during the lightning-paced, dog-eat-dog world of blogging, we read something that puts the stride back in our step and allows us to finish the day without falling back on chemical enhancements. This earnest report from Insomniac on their work with the PS3 did just that. From Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings:

The amount of action we're able to put on the screen at 60 frames per second really dwarfs what we were able to do a year ago at 30 frames per second...I think we'll see just as big a leap from our second generation engine to our third as we did from the first to second.

...we're listening.

I think we're going to continue seeing major leaps each year in what people are able to do with the machine for at least three or four more years.

When reports like this come from any developer, we listen. But when that developer has wielded the PS3's graphical capabilities to levels we'd only hoped for so soon since its release, we experience a warming flutter of tachycardia.

Major leaps in PS3 visuals for at least four more years [via threespeech]


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