Interplay Re-Open Development Studio

bchess.jpgInterplay are so back in the development business. They've been out for a little while now, but have just announced the re-opening of their internal studios, with former Fallout designer Jason Anderson onboard as creative director for an unannounced MMO. Seeing as the Fallout MMO is already announced, that's two MMOs they're working on. They've also announced plans to seek deals whereby Interplay IPs are dished out for sequels. Don't know if they still own the rights or not, but another Battle Chess would be great, thanks.

Interplay Reopens Inhouse Development, Hires Former Fallout Designer [Gamasutra]


    Battlechess!!! This game was so cool, I used to sneak in a bootlable floppy disk with this into the computer labs back in primary school and boot up to play this game during lunch time.

    That and it was air-conditioned in the computer labs. :P The computer 'minder' students once wrote my name on the wall and told the teacher on me, which was heartbreaking for me as I had the game confiscated and it was my only copy. :(

    At least I still had Mechwarrior in my port.

    Maybe a Hostile Waters sequel could happen, YAY!

    Woah, battle chess was one of the first games me and my brother bought. I think.

    I know definitely the first game we ever bought was Ultima 6. We chose wisely.

    I loved Battle Chess. I used to much about with the board editor to set up ludicrously one-sided massacres. That's also how I discovered that they actually animated a King vs King fight, despite the fact that it can't possibly happen in normal chess.

    *sniff* Those were the days...

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