Is Another Microsoft Exec On His Way Out?

shane_kim_rumor.jpgWhen EGM editor Shane Bettenhausen outlined the rumoured doom of an unnamed Microsoft-published Xbox 360 title, the rumour mill went into overdrive. Fingers were pointed in the direction of Banjo Threeie, Fable 2, and Alan Wake, all of which were denied having been cancelled. Ultimately, 1UP's cancellation detector pointed in the direction of Marvel Universe Online. But the EGM sourced rumour wasn't just focused solely on shuttered game development. It also hinted that an MS executive, near or on the level of Peter Moore, was on his or her way out.

This weekend's 1UP Yours podcast re-ignited the Microsoft rumour mill, hinting none-too-subtly that Microsoft Game Studios head Shane Kim may be the one on the way out.

When discussing last week's rumor, 1UP's Garnet Lee teased N'Gai Croal with the hint "Hey, N'Gai, do you watch any Nickelodeon like 'Something Possible'?" when the topic surfaced. One could then assume that Lee was referring to the cartoon "Kim Possible" and that the reference was in relation to Mr. Kim from Microsoft. How's that for confirmation?

Bettenhausen chimed in with the "Rumors about Microsoft cancelling games and rumours about people leaving Microsoft aren't new. We've been having these for five years. And, the leakiest company around, a lot of times these things turn out to be true." Former GameVideos director Mark MacDonald later tempered the rumor's reality with a warning that the rumour was "something you kind of just heard" as opposed to something that sounded more confirmed.

To hear more of the discussion, skip to about (this is not a typo) 2 hours, 40 minutes into the criminally long recent podcast.

1UP Yours - November 16, 2007 [1UP]


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