Is Xbox 360 Getting DivX?

divx10_logo.jpgHot on the heels of a PS3 DivX rumour, DivX has pretty much pilled the beans on upcoming support on the Xbox 360. Here's the clip from a routine financial earnings call that's set the rumour mill ablaze:

Coster - "Just a minor point here, but there was a recent Microsoft (MSFT) conference where I believe their media extender now incorporates the DivX codec on it, is that correct? Can you confirm that and does that mean we're soon going to see Xboxes with DivX on them?

Hell - "Yes! that, uh, we're in discussions with Microsoft on that at this point in time, so I can't go into any great detail on that. Um that is not a certified, that is not a certified or licensed product at this time."

Hit the link for the audio, which is supposed to be super awkward after the news slips. Ahh, nothing like a little tension in the boardroom to make a Friday fly by.

DivX and Xbox 360: A Potential Win-Win For Everyone [via maxconsole]


    --ABOUT TIME--
    Finally there's a reason to bother connecting my Xbox to my PC.

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