It's a Bird, It's a's Lego Batman

kotaku_legobatman.jpgTeaser trailers for games seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Take, for example, the Lego Batman trailer just posted on Yahoo. It features 15 second of what looks to be CGI footage of Lego Batman and that's about it. Still, if the game is half as fun as Lego Star Wars I'm sure it will be a good time. Will we get to see Lego Robin as well? To see the trailer you'll have to click through to Yahoo, as it looks like they don't have a way to embed video with their less-than-stellar video player.

Lego Batman Teaser Trailer [Yahoo]


    I was quite a fan of the lego star wars series. For me the magic was in the simplicity and the humour. I could sit back after uni/work and just relax while jumping around and collecting things.

    Hopefully lego batman is much the same with the same level of detail to "character creation" and to the humour.

    Isn't there also a lego version of Indiana Jones coming out? They certainly know which licenses would be fantastic in lego form.

    I even wouldn't mind a lego version of Pirates of the Caribbean, would bring back the nostalgia of building those awesome lego pirate ships back in the day. I'm going to contradict myself here, so be warned, I also wouldn't mind a lego rpg based game. Just throwing it out there but it could be quite fun.

    Woah, I just totally said the word "lego" too much.

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