It's Try, Try Again For Microsoft

familyfun.jpgPoor Microsoft. They've really painted themselves into a corner. All these games featuring big men with big guns, it's gotten the platform a bit of a reputation as a "hardcore" (or, as the marketing types will have you call it, "core") system. Which is fine for the kind of people who already own one, but not fine for the more casual types, those who bought a PS2 for SingStar or a Wii for...whatever they bought it for. Those types don't own a 360, and there's a lot more of "them" than there are of "us". Which presents a sales dilemma for Microsoft. One they've tried to overcome, repeatedly, and one they've failed miserably at. Repeatedly. But bless them, they're still trying.

Microsoft's Alan Bowman has been out beating that well-worn drum, saying:

A key strategy for us is to give broad choice for people. You need to provide content which broadens your base of users from core gamers to different age groups.

How's Microsoft planning on doing that? Aside from shameless Buzz clone Scene It? With cartoon-based titles for the kids, and word-puzzle games for the grown-ups, he says. of luck with that. On the bright side, things can only get better!

Microsoft to make more 'family focused' games [Develop]


    for casual gamers like me, that want to occasionally dabble in xbox live gold and can't do so due to, whatever, you know what they should do? have a subscription for day play, or hour play, where they only charge you for a set couple hours or whatever and you can use them when you want, instead of wasting a whole month to play only for a couple days, course it'll probably be a lot more expensive than a month or a year, but hell, i'll still save more money in the long term.

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