Iwata Downplays Nintendo DS Successor

iwata_loves_money.jpgFollowing Nintendo's recent corporate management briefing and financial results, a question and session with execs Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto too place. Subjects ranged from Nintendo's perspective on first and third-party software on the Wii and Nintendo DS to questions about what exactly the company was going to do with the flood of cash coming its way. One of the questions focused on the timing of the launch of "the next generation of DS" to which Mr. Iwata responded. He answered that the former trend of "common sense" thinking that introduces hardware updates every five years or so may not apply to a product like the Nintendo DS. He added that "What was believed in this industry to be common sense is not actually an unchangeable truth." Okay, we get it, you're really smart over at Nintendo, so what's the hold up?

"It is not a correct observation that we are having any trouble deciding on the launch timing of the next hardware," Iwata said, adding "Simply, we are not suffering from the shortage of new ideas for DS."

Iwata clarifies that Nitendo's hardware and software teams are working together to determine when to upgrade the DS, noting that they're to identify the "sweet spot" of future technology. He said that talk of a new portable machine at the Nintendo conference earlier this month was way off base, telling attendees "we never had that kind of notion in the first place."

The full response can be read at the Q&A below.

Corporate Management Briefing and Financial Results Q&A [Nintendo]


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