J Allard Returns, Wishes Xbox Live A Happy 5th Birthday

BELIEVEWe miss J. Since moving on to the Zune side of things, we've hardly seen hoodie nor hair of the Microsoft exec. His signature "chillax" moves added much needed spice to the Xbox brand and we felt better for it. For those who miss the man who has been described as "the father of the Xbox"—at left, enjoying a massive slice of cake during the Japanese launch of Xbox—sat in on Larry Hryb's latest podcast to talk about the origins and future of the Xbox family.

Allard discusses topics such as the billion dollar decision to include a hard drive as standard with the original Xbox, pushing voice chat features via Xbox Live, and the beating of expectations for Live. He also touches on future Zune and Xbox 360 integration, including theoretical Xbox Live Marketplace to Zune transfers, plus the online enabled evolution of games.

Live is 5: J Allard [Xbox]


    Why oh why is that cake fake in his hand? There is no cake!

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