James Bond Addicted To Gaming

danielcraig.jpgDaniel Craig isn't just the closest an actor has ever come to fitting Ian Fleming's original vision for James Bond - he's also an avid gamer, with the same issues many a gamer faces. Issues like trying to find time to play Halo with his unappreciative girlfriend breathing down his neck. Of course his girlfriend is hottie film producer Satsuki Mitchell, but fundamentally it's the same thing.

"I have to pick my time well. If my girlfriend sees the box then it's all over. If I get some free time, when she goes away for the weekend, I'll go and play some games.

This is why gamer guys make the best boyfriends, ladies. When you leave your gamer alone for any extended period of time - even if he's an internationally famous sex-symbol - he's not going to cheat unless he has a Game Shark. Sure we sometimes forget you're there, but once we get to a save point it's on!

Daniel Craig reveals addiction to computer games [Showbiz Spy - Thanks Marko!] Photo by George Pimentel - © WireImage.com


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