Japan To Get The [email protected]: Legendary Edition

miki_doll.jpgCat helmets? Who needs 'em? Not the Japanese. They're fare more interested in "playing" a largely hands-free sequel to The [email protected] on the Xbox 360. They're also sure to line up for the ultra limited edition release of the Xbox 360 exclusive, known as The [email protected]: Live For You! which will come with a special doll of virtual pop star Miki Hoshii. Only 3,000 units of the game's high-end edition will be shipped and at a premium price of 26,040 yen. That's about $US 230. Yes, that's expensive. No, that doesn't include a console.

The premium package does come with an anime-stuffed DVD and a pre-paid exclusive card. Fortunately, the doll also comes with detachable cat ears, which seem perfect for placing on the head of one of your tinier, less fortunate pets. Full-sized pics of the Miki doll, ideally suited for men who like dolls, at Game Watch.

The [email protected]: Live For You! [Impress Game Watch]


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