Japan Xbox 360 Fanboy Replies to Kotaku Readers

Japan Xbox 360 Fanboy Replies to Kotaku Readers

jamzyrepliessideview.jpg The bravest journalist working in Japan today replies! Previously, we brought word of a new haircut our favourite Japanese Xbox 360 fanboy and Famitsu staffer Jamzy. Over at Famitsu, he’s actually gone through an addressed comments our commenters had. Don’t remember which of you knuckleheads wrote what, but here are some highlights:

Jamzy looked like he was 50 years old in the last picture
“Wasn’t the reason I looked like I’m 50 because there was a giant wrinkle in my brow? lol”
Haircuts in Japan cost something like $200
“Sure, places usually charge that, but me… The place where I go charges nothing extra for designs like this lol”
His glasses
“Thanks for the kind words! I bought them at a-look in Shinjuku.”
Whether he’s got an English blog or not
“Bummer, but there’s no English site. Eh, write each time in English? Sorry, tough…”

How rad is this? It’s stuff like a dude shaving game logos into his heads, commenters adding their two cents and then said dude replying to those comments that really make getting out of bed truly worth it. What’s more, Jamzy even was cool enough to write a message in English. That after the jump!

Dear BRIAN and kotaku readers.
This is Jamzy, how have you guys been, doin’ good?
I’m pre-good.
’cause Xbox 360 market is now in hot, here in Japan.
There are so many must buy titles comin’ up!
The tile rush stated from Halo3, Beatiful Katamari and Ace Combat6.
And we had Assassin’s Creed today on Nov, 29th
Now we goin’ to big sale season like Holiday saeson called in your country.
We’ll have…Lost Odyssey, Virtual Fighter5, Call Of Duty4 on Dec.
So many new 360 fans around here, man.
Not like it used to.
I hope..no no no I believe that 360 keep this movement going.
I’ll put my 100% effort to promote Xbox 360 here in JPN.
All Gamers and gamefans should realize…
Xbox 360 is the best choise for them, really.

Anyway, thanks for close me up again on your site.
And thanks for visitin’ me.
All wish to you guys!! C ya!!


There ya go! Confirmation that the Xbox 360 is doing better in Japan than it did before. (Which, if you really think about it, shouldn’t be that hard!) Oh, and for those planning on making snide comments about Jamzy’s English, don’t.
Jamzy Replies [Famitsu]

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