Japanese Post Office? Good Times

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In Texas, I hated going to post office. It was painful and slow and just plain awful. No offence to the fine people who work for U.S. Mail, but my local branch was pretty bad: Long lines, slow service and few clerks. Sending a package could take forty minutes or so!

Today, I went to my local post office here in Japan to send those Nintendo cards to Joel for Funde Razor. It dawned on me that damn I really like Japan Post. Like with most service here, if you are waiting, a clerk hollers to another clerk who runs over to help you. Sending a package takes a few minutes, and you are in and out before you know it!

Until very recently, Japan Post was part of the Japanese government. Since it was viewed as more stable than traditional banks, the majority of citizens have postal savings accounts — even now that it's a private company. After being privatised, Japan Post changed its official colour from red, which I loved, to orange, which I don't. I'm sure there's a logical reason for that, but man, I hate the orange post office colors!

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