John Carmack Is Content With PCs

carmackspace.jpgMaybe it's that we cracked open the eggnog a bit early this morning, but we're already feeling the holiday cheer. And maybe id's John Carmack is as well, who instead of whining about PC component manufacturers, operating systems, or, I dunno, an ache in his back or something, he seems fairly happy—content even—with life in the PC industry.

You know, there's not that much that I would care to ask of the PC vendors, and so on. The interfaces we're working with are pretty good, and stability's pretty good on there. There's a lot less to talk about...for the most part, things work as you'd expect right now. So to some degree, the lack of excitement is a sign of the maturing of the industry and the tech base that we work on.

Lack of excitement, John? When was the last time you took your PC out to dinner? Or on a zero-G flight? Or told her she looked beautiful?

Id's Carmack: World Of Warcraft The "Train" Driving PC Gaming [gamasutra]


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