Johnny Rotten Loves Guitar Hero, Talking Like A Sailor

To be exact, Johnny Rotten "fuckin' loved" Guitar Hero III, when he finally got his hands on it. It teaches you "how not to be a rock star and not to be a [unknown expletive]in your life... cause the whole fucking thing is a joke." He was present at the game's launch party in the UK, quickly turning his thoughts on the Activision and RedOctane published game into a fun little expletive filled tirade. Sure, he mentions re-recording "Anarchy In the UK" and "Pretty Vacant" for Guitar Hero III, due to Virgin Records "losing" the masters, but then proceeds to make with the verbal diarrhea. It's a combination of insulting (and throwing microphones at) journalists, random asides, and length. The insanity goes on for some time. The full, unedited clip is at OXM.

Johnny Rotten - ignores Guitar Hero III, attacks journalists [OXM]


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