Journey's Game, on MTV

Call it a coincidence. Our own (be it temporary) commander and chief Ian Bogost writes a post on Journey's Atari music game, Journey Escape, the same day MTV's Stephen Totilo decides to run a piece on music games featuring, you guessed it, Journey Escape. With our own chat room filled with pleasantries such as "how is this @&#$^ possible??" and "the next time I see Totilo I'm going to %&#*@^#(*!&@)$(*@#&(*!&[email protected]*()$ him up," I snuck away to steal Totilo's awesome vintage clip of Jouney talking about their game on MTV. Note to self: never talk about how some game blows your mind or you look like an idiot in 20 years. Michael Jackson, Journey And Other Musical Acts Responsible For Questionable Games [mtv]


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