JT On Trial For Crimes Against Inanity

thomsonface.jpgI know I generally don't like writing about our good friend JT Lawyerman if I can avoid it, but then he generally isn't in the midst of an ethics trial in Florida court that could result in his disbarment. Yesterday marked the start of the trial we knew was coming eventually, as the Florida Bar explores several complaints regarding JT's professional conduct in his dealings with the video game industry.

The anti-violent gaming crusader was metaphorically dragged kicking and screaming to court, with a failed bid to block the trial last week followed by an offer of 3 months voluntary suspension filed over the weekend, which fell on deaf ears. Not so deaf now, as the Florida bar informed GamePolitics that the entire week has been set aside to hear the case, with the referee Judge Tunis having until the 21st of December to rule. It may look grim, but don't count JT out yet. All he has to do is win a court case and he...yeah, he's pretty much doomed here.

Jack Thompson Faces Trial Before the Florida Bar Today [GamePolitics.com]


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