Kane & Lynch Takes Great Approach to PS3 Development

ps3_kanelynch_dead_men.jpg PlayStation 3 no fun to develop on? "Ha!" say Kane & Lynch devs IO Interactive, "HA" they say. While most teams working on cross platform games have moaned about how hard it is to make the PS3 versions, IO Interactive succeeded with no frame rate drops on the PS3 version. IO's Morten Heiberg says:

It's a new platform for us. It's our first PS3 game. It's a challenging platform to develop on, but it's also one that has a lot of potential that's just waiting to be unlocked as people get to know it better and as developers get more skilled at utilising the machine.

What a delightful attitude! There's more of this uplifting story after the jump:

It's a very different approach. The code ends up being rather different than it is on the Xbox and the PC. You can start with something that's pretty much the same and then you try to run it on the PS3 and it doesn't run very well. Then you start to optimise it and optimise it and you get further away from where you started but you really start to unlock some of the potential of the PS3... Well obviously it's something that requires a bit of resources and special effort, which costs money. But on the other hand it's something that I think most developers are rather keen on getting into because it's a new fresh system and it's an interesting architecture. Development wise it's fun. It brings back a lot of memories from college and university. In many ways it's a fun architecture to work on but definitely one that's also going to cost you some money because you need to write special purpose code for it.

Wow. Morten Heiberg must be the most positive man in gaming — Western civilisation, even!

Developing is "Fun" [Pro-G via PS3 Fanboy]


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