Kaz Just Not Satisfied With Home

kazrocksthemic.jpgAre you satisfied with Home? Phil Harrison is. He loves the thing! But SCE President Kaz Hirai, well, he's not so hot on it. In fact, he's hinted that one of the reasons for the program's delay is that he's just not happy enough with it as it stands:

...we believe the delay would have a positive effect. I personally am not satisfied with the current version of Home. This is a very big project for the PS3 and we want to make sure that we deliver to our hearts content. We hope everyone will look forward to its spring release next year.

Onwards and upwards, then! Hopefully the final release, which may or may not ship in Spring 2008, comes emblazoned with Kaz's "Two Thumbs Up" Quality Seal.

Kaz Hirai Not Satisfied with PlayStation Home [Famitsu, via GameDaily][Image]


    Well thats actually great to hear. I like it when president Kaz can sit back and eat some humble pie while admitting that the application simply wasn't up to scratch instead of fueling the hype train. Generally means that the end product will meet a good level of quality.

    Personally, I agree with him from what I've seen. Sure there is a reasonable feature set but it remains a bit rough on the polish side of things.

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