Keita Takahashi, Living the Playground Dream

edg183.s_takahashi.new1_prev.jpg It's happening. Katamari creator actually is designing playground equipment. A while back, Takahashi said he wanted to leave the gaming industry and design playground equipment. GameCenter Iain Simons read this, wrote a proposal and began trying to rally support with the Nottingham city council. It's still in the early stages, but Takahashi envisages a wind turbine with a climbing net decorated with hundreds of LEDs. Close your eyes and imagine that. Yeah. He adds:

Being totally honest with you, I'm beginning to get a bit bored making just games. I wanted something in a different area, but quite similar. Being able to move physically, to exercise, I thought that would be a good idea to start with.

Okay dude, whatever you say!

On Making Playgrounds [Next-Gen]


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