Killzone 2 Beta Still Coming (Maybe. In 2008)

helghast3.jpgWhen Guerilla's Seb Downie said we'd get "more on a beta later this year", he wasn't fucking around. Here we are, at December's doorstep, and Guerilla have delivered. Sadly, not the beta (what, you though it'd just sneak up on you? At Christmas?), but on their promised news of the beta:

We are hoping to do a beta but I don't think we'll have anything ready before this year is over... it is something we are working on for next year.

Something to look forward to, then! Just don't look too hard. In May, Downie said "of course there is going to be a public beta". Now a Guerilla rep has said they're just "hoping to do a beta". We find their lack of faith disturbing.

SCEA: Killzone 2 Beta "For Next Year" [PSX Extreme, via Eurogamer]


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