Know Your Japanese Music Men, With Prize Goodness

sakimoto_masaaki.jpgContinuing on (unofficially) from our brush with Blizzard’s esteemed developer trio, here’s the pair of famous Japanese music men that paid Melbourne’s Game Connect event a visit a few weeks ago. They do games and anime, and they much prefer the sound of live recordings over synthesisers, even if machines can do awesome set pieces that are impossible for humans to reproduce.

Now, I’ve decided to tie a competition in with this photo. All you have to do is Photoshop a speech bubble above the head of the handsome man on the left, and the most comical will win themselves a copy of Mario Party DS. Send your entry to tips AT, and I’ll pick a winner on Friday. Crude entries will not be accepted, so keep it clean folks.

And before you ask, yes, it’s the same copy of Mario Party DS from yesterday’s comp, as no one was able to correctly identify all of our cosplayers. It was a tricky one.

The two men above are named after the jump, if for some reason you’re unable to hover over the image itself for a massive hint.From left to right: Masaaki Kaneko and Hitoshi Sakimoto. The duo works at Sakimoto’s Basiscape.


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