Koinup, the Social Network for Game Crap

koinup.jpgDo you feel like you don't have enough websites to share digital content? Do you cringe with displeasure at the media circus on YouTube or Flickr? Do you wish you had a game-specific website to facilitate your lack of interest in other kinds of media and experienes? Do you sometimes wonder why you have to sort through television clips, cat videos, flower images, or travel photos when all you want is to see the latest avatar fashions? Fear the internet no more, as Koinup is here. Quoth the Koinup FAQ:

Koinup is the first social network to share virtual lives, screenshots, machinima and virtual stories. It allows users to upload, share and review content they create within games, mmorpg, virtual worlds and metaverse.

Now you too may share your "adventures in Second Life" while making new friends and, of course, once more friending old ones. Rejoice!

Koinup [Koinup, thanks Pierluigi]


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