Konami Explains How MSG4 Delay Is Good (For Them)

snakedelayedjpgmeeting.jpg That MGS4 delay? Sucks. Today in Tokyo, Konami held a closed door investors meeting. Chief Financial Officer Noriaki Yamaguchi stressed that Konami is "committed" to a first quarter release next year.

Since the Japanese financial year ends March 31st, that means MGS4 should be released sometime between April and July in Japan. (Konami of Australia sent out a press release today saying that the PAL version won't be out until June 2008 at the earliest.) At the Tokyo meeting, the CFO also keeping going on about "reaching more fans worldwide." What was the reason for the delay? "We want to work on the quality that is warranted for a MGS title." There was a financial angle that was spun as well: Instead of splitting MGS4 between this financial year and next, Konami would rather book 12 months of straight sales. Good for them.


    MGS4 would be out if they didnt try adding crazy features, like letting snake do prostate exams...

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