Konami Says This Gen Will be Totally Fair

kojimaxbox360party.jpg Last generation was all about the PlayStation 2. (This generation is only sorta about the PS2, but w/e.) Sony isn't dominating like in year's past. Nintendo's come back from the dead and is posting very strong, early numbers. Meanwhile, Microsoft keeps forging ahead. Is it too early to call this gen's winner? Has the playing field leveled? Whenever I have questions like this, I wonder what Konami thinks. A statement from the company that Metal Gear and Pro Evolution Soccer built had these insights to offer:

Previously, a single home gaming platform [PS2]was the market leader worldwide, but that pattern has changed... Whichever platform best caters to users' preferences in a particular country or region, in terms of the games available to be played on it, is now the one that will dominate the local market.

Does that mean Konami is the new Capcom? PS3 exclusive MGS4 points to no. For now at least. Konami Talks This Gen [CVG]


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