Kotaku Originals: From Cheating Cheaters To a Chicago Closing


Welcome to another fine collection of Kotaku Originals. This week Geoff Keighley was totally the boss of us, our contest was cheated by a cheating cheater who eventually apologized and big news came down that EA Chicago has gone the way of the Dodo.

Have a Look at the $US 3000 Prize Computer

Super Mario Galaxy In The House

Infinity Ward - It's Deep And It's Hard, Bitch

Not So Excited For Monster Hunter 3 Wii?

Shamed Cheater Replies

PS3 Moving To Increase Movie Playback Support?

Konami Explains How MSG4 Delay Is Good (For Them)

40GB PS3s Have "Very Low Failure Rates"

Jade In Green And White Striped Bikini

From Drawing Board To WiiWare

Does Phase Hint Where Rock Band is Going?

This Home Logo Looks Like That Home Logo

Fight Night Moving To Vancouver

EA Confirms EA Chicago is Closing

Mutant Storm Empire

Our Internet Friends (And Not-Friends!)

Geek Dream: Kristen Bell + Jade Raymond!

The Simpsons Go Hollywood


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