Kotaku Originals: From Halloween To Manhunt 2

MarioLuigi3-thumb.jpg Good morning. It's time to sign for your early Saturday delivery of Kotaku Originals. This week everyone got into the Halloween spirit, the launch of Manhunt 2 caused predictable uproar and Rock band continues to make us salivate.

"In Three Months, You Will Be Happy"

Wii Remote Rip-offs Spied At Wal-Mart

How Volition Celebrated Halloween

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

ESRB: Manhunt 2 is No Hot Coffee

Rock Band Rocks Sam's Club

Sweet Eye of Judgement Schwag

Who's Going to Lose: HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, or You?

Join the Super Mario Flight Team

NBA 2K8 Impressions

Sony Computer Entertainment Lost Chief Tech Officer?

Midway Having Some Wii Problems

Naruto: Rise Of The Ninja Stealthily Rocks

EA: "Content for Grand Theft Scratchy Has Not Been Removed"

Mario Once More Invades W. Hollywood Carnival

Uncharted's Non-Pirate ARG

Super Mario Galaxy Japanese Retail Copy

Arse Falling Kept for Mario Galaxy Booklet, Disc

Rock Band In House, Unpacked

Pumpkin Roundup!!!

Video Game Reviews Are Broken, Please Fix

The Totally Official Trick-or-Treat Bag

The Witcher: Loading Awesome, Please Wait

NBA Tip-Off Just Part of the Videogame Experience

Barbarians At the Game

Red Octane Has No Plans For Xbox 360 DDR Pads

Ninjabread Man Eats It

Commenting Borked

Pokemon Seat Cushion for Classroom Sitting

Fingers-, Eyes-On With Capcom's Art Book


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