Kotaku Originals: From Mario Galaxy to Super Computers

Here comes the train with your weekly delivery of Kotaku Originals. This week Fahey comes back to the Mario fold, Ian Bogost signs on to Kotaku foster care and we finally get rid of that massive computer that's been taking up room in the corner.

Talking To A Chair About Undertow

Wii Zapper, Link's Crossbow Training In The House

Beowulf's Roger Avary Game for Convergence

Kaiser Permanente's Health Game Flatlines

Singing the Blu-Rays

Capcom Playtesting Pays In Spades

Why Did I Buy MapleStory Cards?

Against Homebrew

Early Advergames, part II

Early Advergames, Part I

Lumines Coming To Windows, Too

Our Computer Contest Answers (Bring the Hate!)

The First Film License

Assassin's Creed Delayed For Aus/NZ

Make Reservations to Play Wii Fit, So Classy

Finger Eleven On Xbox Live Video Marketplace

Jack LaLanne's Physical Conditioning

Life Imitates Games

Galaxy Restores My Faith In Mario

Ian Bogost Signing On

Ceramic White DUALSHOCK 3 Hands-on


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