Kuju Launches Digi-Download Studio

doublesix.jpgUK dev Kuju takes aim at another segment of the gaming industry and a new studio opens. Their new Double Six studio will be dedicated to developing addictive games for Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, WiiWare, and PC. The studio is made up of developers from Geometry Wars Galaxies for the Wii and DS as well as Nucleus for PSN, overseen by the new studio head, James Brooksby.

"We want to become the best, the go-to place, the studio that is known for carving out our own part of the industry. Double Six is going to be the place to go for the absolutely best games on digital platforms"

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Brooksby then goes on to explain that they will be creating games that are sometimes arcadey, sometimes casual, and sometimes quite complex. It's really all over the place. Head over there and read their article...it helps if you imagine him speaking like a breathlessly over-excited kid. Points for enthusiasm!

Kuju targets digital downloads with new Double Six studio {GamesIndustry.biz]


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