Ladies of Mass Effect

Ladies of Mass Effect

me_lady.jpgEveryone loves women, right? Even women love women, but probably not as much as guys do. As a guy, I can vouch for this fact.

Although it doesn’t contain photos of the lady parts most guys enjoy looking at, Thumbbandits has a great page up with mug shots of all the – so far discovered – female characters in Mass Effect. If you happened to capitalise on EB Games’ street date shenanigans, you could be interacting with these faces right now.

While not pornographic in any way (heads out of the gutters, folks), there’s something to be said for Mass Effect‘s diversity in general. If you can all it that.

Female Characters in Mass Effect [, thanks Col]


  • But is the bloody thing region locked??? I can’t find this information anywhere! None of the usual sites (vgplus, playasia etc) have updated on it yet. I’m going nuts not knowing if I can import the American CE or not!

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