Let The Public Shaming Begin

cheating_students.jpg We trust you. We really do. And when you break our trust, it wounds our cold bitter hearts. The contest post we ran yesterday featured this very specific warning: Anyone who posts answers on Kotaku or anywhere on the internet will be banned and made an example of. And a day later, we have our first contestant! Michigan's David L. posted all of the answers online in a forum. All of them. Every single one. Hate him.

So, all of you who worked your butts off, trying to finish the contest while you should've been working or studying or whatever, well, David L. thought it would be great to provide a free ride to lessers. Not classy. Not classy at all. Since we have David L.'s full name, email address, home address and whatnot, we thought about posting more info about him. You know, all the answers to the Who-Is-David L.-Contest? We won't. For now. (But hey, we might change our minds!)

What does that mean for our honest contestants? It means that we are going to work twice as hard to ensure two things: That you have better odds of winning and that the winner wins fair and square. Granted, it's impossible to stop all cheaters, but we're going to do our best. On Tuesday, we'll explain how we are going to improve your chances of winning, while making sure this contest is as fair as possible.

Student Cheating Pic [Dealbreaker.com]


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